Caroline Brock


Neuroticism. How do you recognize it? 

When asked about how to distinguish between a patient in a mental hospital and a doctor, a psychiatrist replied that it was probably only by the apron, but it was not a very sure method, because the apron was easy to pull out. In fact,…


An introvert or an asocial individual? 

There’s a lot of differences between being an Introvert and being Asocial. There are certain similarities as well, though… Plenty of people believe that Introverts want to be left alone, but that’s not always the case. What is more, plenty of people don’t understand what…

Mental health

How to deal with a life or existential crisis? 

What is a crisis? Does it only affect ill or disturbed individuals? What can it lead to? Every life crisis has a crucial impact and requires immediate resolutions and closures to life’s important matters. How to recognize We’re having a crisis? Sometimes we can’t be…


My child has ADHD – but do they really? 

“My child just can’t sit in one place – I think he has ADHD” is one of the things you might hear during a friendly conversation between moms on the playground. It might also be a suggestion from a teacher, said towards the parents based…

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