The secret of mental health is to understand what is happening in our lives, believe that we can cope and feel that what we do makes sense. Check how to achieve this and keep the spirit of cheerfulness.

Understanding mental health

I understand what is going on, I believe I can manage it and I feel that life makes sense – we need this attitude to maintain mental health. Scientists call this attitude a sense of coherence. It consists of the ability to understand events, a sense of resourcefulness and a sense of sense in making commitment and creating your own life.

Sense of comprehensibility – mentally composed

Thanks to it, we perceive the incoming information as ordered, coherent and understandable. We understand that the world is multidimensional, that there are bad things in it, but there are good things. Each of us has a belief system that allows us to predict the events and behaviour of others.

If something doesn’t suit us, it raises fear. Paradoxically, it is because of a sense of comprehensibility that good news can also disturb. Then when we expect evil and suddenly we get good. When we expect poor grades and get the highest marks.

Sense of comprehensibility - mentally composed

When we assume that they will throw us out of work, and suddenly we will be promoted. Psychologists call it a disease of happiness.

Sense of resourcefulness – psychological freedom

That is, its own mental health effectiveness. It is important how we assess our own capabilities and competences. The key, however, is whether we allow a change in this state of affairs, e.g. that we pull ourselves up in something, teach something, become a specialist.

Young mothers have many fears and look with admiration at their mothers who efficiently change or feed their children. And they had to learn all these things once and acquire these skills.

How do I get out of the “I can’t” patch? For example, think of someone similar to us who succeeded. Recall the similar situation in which we succeeded. Motivational speeches are based on this.

Speakers show their listeners: “I am here today, you can too.”

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Everyone sometimes seems to be down in the mouth. Nobody feels like a dog with a two tails for 24 hours a day. And there is nothing wrong with that! As a therapist I help others understand and deal with their emotions. It's a difficult process but worth the effort. I'm a great listener so maybe that's why my patients like me so much. I am the outdoor type of person. For the most weekends I'm taking care of my garden. Being among nature make me feel on cloud nine.

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