Caroline Brock

Separation anxiety in a child

How to manage separation anxiety in a child? 

Separation anxiety affects every child at some stage of their development, some more than others. Overcoming this anxiety can be challenging – so how do you cope with it? Article shortcut Separation anxiety symptoms When does separation anxiety occur? How to overcome separation anxiety? Separation…

how to manage stress
Personal development

How to manage stress? 

Stress accompanies a person from birth until their death. It cannot be avoided. However, one can learn how to manage it effectively. Table of contents Modern pace of life generates stress What stresses you out? How to reduce stress? Focus on what you’re doing Modern…

Mental Flexibility and depression
Mental health

Mental Flexibility vs Depression 

What is mental flexibility and what impact does it have on your well-being? Is depression the consequence of a fixed mindset? How can you develop mental flexibility? Article contents Mental flexibility and truisms What is the correlation between mental flexibility and depression? Fixed mindset How…

perfectionism and productivity
Personal development

How does perfectionism affect your efficiency? 

Many people are proud to describe themselves as perfectionists. However, is perfectionism healthy and desirable? How does it translate into efficiency at work and in other areas of life? Article shortcut What is perfectionism? „Good” and „bad” perfectionism Why are some people perfectionists and some…

smartphone addiction
Mental health

Can smartphones cause depression? 

This is the question that is being the topic of a heated debate among scientists around the world. So far, the research has not heralded any positive outcome. Table of contents Smartophones Era The other side of the coin What does the research inform us…

emotional burnout
Mental health

Emotional burnout – how does it manifest itself? 

Emotional burnout is sometimes called “excellent student syndrome”, but it Shouldn’t be associated with the level of intelligence or the results we achieve/achieved at school. The problem concerns people who want to achieve everything in every sphere of life: at work, in personal life, and…

Mental health

Anxiety – how and why do they arise? 

Anxiety arises under the influence of difficult and strong events in human life. For each of us it’s an individual matter and depends on what factor evokes unpleasant or traumatic memories. Symptoms of anxiety can hinder everyday life, close it to new sensations and experiences….

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