Emotional burnout is sometimes called “excellent student syndrome”, but it Shouldn’t be associated with the level of intelligence or the results we achieve/achieved at school. The problem concerns people who want to achieve everything in every sphere of life: at work, in personal life, and even during rest.

Dealing with stress

Emotional intelligence (EI) supports the ability to manage stress effectively and prevents burnout. For example, emotional self-awareness, one of the components of EI, enables us to understand the sources of frustration or anxiety and improves our ability to take other reactions into consideration. Self-management, another element of EI competency, allows us to Remain calm, control impulses and act properly while Dealing with stress.

Conflict management skills allow us to redirect anxiety and emotions into a problem-solving mode instead of allowing the situation to torment us or give us sleepless nights. Empathy also helps to combat stress, because when we’re actively trying to understand others, we begin to show that we care about these people. Compassion, like the other Positive emotions, can counteract the physiological effects of stress.

By tuning in to the point of view, attitudes, and views of others, we make it easier for us to gain their trust and influence them. To put it another way, it means that we will get the Much-needed help before stress turns into emotional burnout.

emotional burnout

Prevent emotional burnout

What can we do to change this state of affairs? How can you prevent yourself from reaching the edge of emotional stamina? Here are some useful tips.

  • Allow yourself to relax
    Without a doubt, one of the basic things you can do for yourself is to treat yourself to a moment of peace. It doesn’t matter how much you still have to do. Every day you should find 30 minutes just for yourself and what you truly want to do. You shouldn’t care about other tasks throughout this period. Relaxation should be of utmost importance.
  • Avoid overstimulation
    We live in a fast-paced world, in which we are exposed to excessive stimulation. Our mind constantly receives external stimuli that are endless. For this reason, our mind constantly sharpens its senses, focusing on reception. In such conditions, it’s virtually impossible to keep our attention at a high level and that is the reason why it’s often so difficult to concentrate.
  • Always keep your feet on the ground
    One of the basic reasons why anxiety arises in us is setting unattainable goals for ourselves. When we have a lot on our plate, we tend to lose our common sense and try to do everything at once. Paradoxically, such actions significantly reduce our performance. Eventually, we lose our precious time.
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