The decision to seek Therapy is not easy. It’s not a shame, it’s actually the pinnacle of courage towards yourself and others. It’s also pointless to think about being the only one with Mental problems. And if you don’t feel comfortable during a session, you may change the Therapist any time.

You decided to have a Therapy, but before you end up in front of a Specialist, you may have your doubts, stress, anxiety or even a specific type of fear. But until you get to the Therapist’s office, you can never know what to expect.

It’s not a sign of weakness

Starting a Therapy might turn out difficult. It’s not a good choice, however, to be ashamed of turning to a specific Specialist for help. Mental Disorders are a problem as important as a broken leg, a coronary disease or kidney problems. You don’t have to feel inferior at all just because you Struggle with some Issues of psychological nature and need support. It is not a sign of your weakness, either.

The very fact that you decided to get a Therapy, to open up to a complete stranger, to share your most intimate problems, is in itself a form of courage. That’s exactly how you should think of it, not being on your own with that, having someone to “talk it over” with. Despite the discomfort you feel before seeing a Therapist, don’t forget that you won’t have to go through the health situation you’ve ended up in all alone.

You’re not alone

The decision to see a Therapist is no longer met with a major surprise from others these days. It is becoming more and more common. The pace of life, the challenges and expectations we are faced with every day, competing with others in our professional life, easy access to different types of stimulants, isolation, problems with deeper relations with others…


One could find even more examples confirming that we can’t always handle what everyday life throws at us. Struggling with Mental problems is something that impacts a lot of people. You are definitely not the only one.

Comfort and peace around the Therapist

A Therapy is meant to not only bring peace but also get your health back. That’s why it is so important what Specialist you find and what conditions the therapeutic sessions will be conducted in. When seeking help and support, you expect some kind of “chemistry” in your relations with the Specialist.

You want to feel comfort and internal peace during the meetings, and not discomfort over something not being right. When your feelings are still negative after 2-3 months, however, there is no point delaying the decision to change the Therapist. A true professional will understand, and your priority is taking care of yourself, not other people’s satisfaction.

And if it happens during a Therapy that you start feeling worse, it doesn’t mean that you have to quit it right away. It might be a temporary crisis, or maybe it arises from the fact you have suddenly gotten many different things bothering you out of your system. Getting difficult Issues out, however, is the only way to find the cause and Solution to your problem.

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Everyone sometimes seems to be down in the mouth. Nobody feels like a dog with a two tails for 24 hours a day. And there is nothing wrong with that! As a therapist I help others understand and deal with their emotions. It's a difficult process but worth the effort. I'm a great listener so maybe that's why my patients like me so much. I am the outdoor type of person. For the most weekends I'm taking care of my garden. Being among nature make me feel on cloud nine.

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