I’m sure you’d love to learn some incredible way to live a better life that would help you easily improve the quality of your existence.

I have good news. There is such way. On top of that, it is so easy that it’s hard to believe.

How to live a better life for real?

I am not trying to convince you to start a strenuous workout plan or to get into some competitive sport. What I’m talking about is regular exercise that doesn’t require any special trainings or trainers. Don’t turn your physical activity into another task to accomplish. It should be natural and casual activity – its only goal should be general improvement of your frame of mind and your body’s health.

Remember that too much intense exercise can be just as harmful as none at all. Don’t expose yourself to injuries just so you could jump over a bar that is set too high. Exercise casually and with joy, and you will see benefits soon. You will feel better and find more motivation to live your life.

It’s healthy to be active!

So why, then – since you know it already – you just still sit in front of your computer or TV?

You have developed certain habits that have eliminated sufficient physical activity from your life – and then you complain about illnesses, nerves and stress.

You may not realize how beneficial even a small amount of exercise is. All it takes is 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity a week (i.e. brisk pace) to feel a huge difference. A positive one, obviously.

It’s healthy to be active!

Several key benefits of physical activity:

  • you will lower the risk of premature death by 25 percent – and if you increase the amount of exercise to seven hours a week, the risk drops by as much as 40 percent;

  • physically active people age slower;

  • sedentary lifestyle is one of the five main factors behind cardiovascular diseases – enough activity will lower the risk of such diseases;

  • exercise improves efficiency of the immune system;

  • physical activity impacts mental well-being – by exercising just 2-3 times a week you significantly lower your vulnerability to depression or stress – you will be in a better mood.

How much to exercise?

The recommendation used to be twenty minutes of intense exercise every day. Throughout ongoing research, however, scientists have concluded that to many people this is too much. The latest recommendations suggest moderate intensity and amount of exercise. Great benefits can be achieved by regular (although fairly energetic) walking for a total of 2.5 hours a week.

That’s completely enough 😉

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