Stress accompanies a person from birth until their death. It cannot be avoided. However, one can learn how to manage it effectively.

Modern pace of life generates stress

Stress is an integral part of our experience. It’s impossible to imagine a life that would be completely free of stressful situations. It is true, however, that over the past few decades several factors have emerged in the Western culture that put people at risk of Permanent stress. It’s difficult to tell if we are more stressed than our ancestors from past centuries.

In any case, the pace of life has never been this fast before. A small dose of stress can even be beneficial if we care about something and strive to achieve a goal. However, when emotions prevail over rational thinking and the negative feelings become chronic, we are exposed to serious emotional and health problems. That’s why it’s worth learning how to manage stress effectively.

What stresses you out?

The first step on the road to managing stress is self-observation. Identify situations that release stress in you. In spite of appearances, this doesn’t have to be something obvious. People sometimes attribute the cause of their stress to factors that don’t really matter, in order to avoid confrontation with the real Source of the problem.

When you finally recognize these situations, answer these questions: Can I avoid them somehow? Do they benefit my personal development? If you answered ‘yes’ to the first question, and ‘no’ to the second, the best solution would be simply to avoid such situations whenever possible.

The case is different if you answered ‘yes’ to both questions. Then, of course, avoidance is not recommended. Stress accompanies you when you step out of your comfort zone, so it’s not entirely a negative occurrence.

How to reduce stress?

To reduce your daily dose of stress, it’s worth making a Few changes in your life. If the source of stress is primarily excess work, try to take on fewer responsibilities. Are you afraid of your supervisor’s reaction? Have you thought for a moment, that maybe they don’t require you to work like a robot? Even if they have such expectations, perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss that with them?

how to manage stress

This, of course, requires you to take action, while leaving your comfort zone. Perhaps you’re reluctant to step out of it? It’s possible that the stress you are currently experiencing is due to the fact that you’re unable to be assertive? This is just an example, but it illustrates the problem Recognition process well. It also shows that working on your stress can become an opportunity to better understand yourself on a deeper level.

Focus on what you’re doing

Stress often arises as a result of misinterpreting events. It occurs when you look into the future and imagine various bad things that might happen to you. The breeding ground for stress is your imagination, which provides you with plenty of worst-case scenarios. Focusing on the present is helpful in Combating stress. Just focus on the task you are currently performing, the conversation you are having, or any other activity you are doing. This can prove to be helpful if your stress is not too severe.

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