Effective time management helps make better use of every moment and be more productive. It is helpful not only in professional life but the private life as well. Find out how to better organize your time.

Is efficient time management one of your virtues, or maybe you usually procrastinate with that? You have a strong feeling that everyone around you has more free time than you? Or maybe it is common for you to have your entire morning or day off slip through your fingers?

It’s good to realize that time management is not a talent but a skill. Everyone, from a CEO of an international company to an unemployed person, has 24 hours every day at their disposal and it’s only up to them how they utilize that time.

Time management – the basic strategies

The most important step towards organizing time is creating a plan. Make a General plan for the nearest month and week, and spend a few minutes every evening to sit down and plan the next day. That way you will gain some clarity on how many tasks you will have enough time for and which of them should be carried out first.

Remember to write down how much time every task on the list will take you. Add some margin of error as well. Something unexpected may always happen that will slightly delay the execution of the task.

Utilize a calendar or a phone

What type of organizer is the best when it comes to time management? According to a research conducted at University of California, students were the best at memorizing the tasks awaiting them when writing them down on paper, instead of using the keyboard of a telephone or computer.

It turns out that writing something manually activates the motion center in the brain, which allows the long-term memory to better register the task at hand. People who manually write down their day, week or month plan are better at composing ideas and concepts in their mind.

On top of that, try to use different colors to write down tasks from different categories, especially if visual stimuli have an effect on you. Your brain will better remember what tasks await you and in which area of life.

Time management is willpower management

When you wake up in the morning, you usually have a new supply of energy and fresh resources of willpower. Plenty of specialists advise to actually take care of the tasks that we like the least or that occupy too much space in our mind in the morning. If you wait until the afternoon, chances are you will start to procrastinate the execution of an unpleasant task. It will cause some of the items on the list to move to the next day, which will make a source of unnecessary pressure.

Remember that your brain needs time for rest and recovery. Every day, give yourself a moment for some improvising and creativity, to do something you happen to feel like doing at the moment. Giving yourself small pleasures and rewards is an effective motivation to handle less interesting tasks on the list faster. That way you won’t feel like a slave to your own plan of action.

Try to utilize simple tools in your professional and private life that will make time management easier. You will gain plenty of benefits that will have a positive impact on multiple aspects of your life. You will lower the stress level at work, find time to take care of your own health and relations with loved ones. In the professional area, on the other hand, you will be perceived as a pro who isn’t stressed about the upcoming projects thanks to knowing how to perfectly organize their time.

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