There’s a lot of differences between being an Introvert and being Asocial. There are certain similarities as well, though… Plenty of people believe that Introverts want to be left alone, but that’s not always the case. What is more, plenty of people don’t understand what being Asocial means. Sometimes those terms are used interchangeably, which is a mistake.

What do you prefer?

Introverts can most certainly like to be around people, but such contact has to go at their own pace. They like the company of others, but it’s not something they need to be happy. Introverts most certainly go on dates and meet new people. They simply need some time for themselves afterwards. Such situations are overwhelming, which makes it the best to recharge batteries in own company.

An Asocial person, on the other hand, doesn’t want any real contact with people. They don’t like the company of others. They will ignore text messages and phone calls, because they hate the idea of making any contact with anyone. An Asocial person is happy when staying as far away from others as possible.

Are you Shy?

Introverts aren’t usually Shy, although some people might think so. When an Introvert needs to recharge their batteries, they spend time alone, which might be mistakenly interpreted as Shyness and discomfort. Bill Gates considers himself to be an Introvert, and he isn’t Shy at all! He simply sometimes needs to be alone. That’s the source of the misconception and the idea that every Introvert has to be Shy. They don’t.

An Asocial person is definitely not Shy. They might seem this way, as they pretty much extremely avoid social situations. One might even think that it’s about a strong social anxiety. Asocial people aren’t too Shy or anxious, they simply don’t want contact with other people. Preferably never in their life.


Do you like to be surrounded by other people?

Introverts like to be around others. They like Social contacts and Interactions, on their own terms. They don’t avoid friends or conversations at all cost. It’s not what drains their batteries. It’s large gatherings and long-lasting meetings. It’s worth noting that the need to be with yourself is not the same as avoiding people at all cost.

An Asocial person is going to need emotional and physical space. They don’t like to be around others. That doesn’t mean they hate other people. It’s more about simply not liking company as such. They don’t need social Interactions to be happy. When forced to be around people, they might even be unpleasant and mean-spirited.

Are Relationships important to you?

For Introverts, the answer will be YES. They perceive love and dating the same way as non-Introverts. Because they like the company of others, finding a partner doesn’t have to be that much difficult. The partner, however, needs to understand that an Introvert has to be alone sometimes. It has nothing to do with what the partner has said or done. Except that Interactions are draining.

An Asocial person, on the other hand, doesn’t see the point of being in a Relationship. They prefer being alone, which makes a Relationship nothing but unnecessary Interactions. Since they don’t like the contact with others, a Relationship would be very inadequate for them.

The need to be alone once in a while and WANTING to be alone are two different things.

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